While part of Cadiz Springs State Recreation Area is a wildlife refuge, much of the land is

public hunting grounds. Hikers, fishermen, boaters and hunters share our beautiful park, and

all have a right to be there. Courtesy and understanding are the key to getting along with each other. In addition, we recommend that park users wear brightly colored clothing during hunting seasons. Dogs may be off leash only while they are being used for hunting. All other dogs

should be on a leash at all times in the park. 


Here is a partial list of hunting and trapping seasons.  For a complete list, along with hunting regulations, go to dnr.wi.gov   No special permits are needed to hunt at Cadiz Springs.  Regulations are the same as for most of the rest of Green County.  


Beaver Trapping Season     Nov. 4–Mar. 31, 2018

Muskrat Trapping Season   Oct. 28–Mar. 4, 2018


Early Canada Goose Season:   Sept. 1-15 

Duck Season:                         TBD 


Turkey Season:            Spring Turkey Season is in April 19 through May 30

                                   Fall Turkey Season is in Sept 16 - Dec 31 

Pheasant Season:         Oct. 14-Dec. 31 

Squirrel Season:           Sept. 16-Jan. 31 

Rabbit Season:             Sept. 16-Feb. 28 

Raccoon Season:         Oct. 14-Feb. 15 

Fox Season:                 Oct. 14-Feb. 15 


Deer Seasons:                                                                                                              

Archery:                     Sept. 16-Jan. 7 

Youth Gun Season:   Oct. 7 & 8 

Gun Deer Seasons:    Nov. 18-Nov. 26 

Antlerless                   Dec. 7-10

Holiday Hunt              Dec. 24-Jan. 1 

Muzzleloader:            Nov 27-Dec 6